How to Prepare for Liposuction

downloadThe American Association of Plastic Surgeons recommends that patients undergo a series of physical examinations before the liposuction surgery. The purpose of these exams is to determine whether or not the patient is in good enough health to have the procedure performed, and to rule out any underlying medical issues that may complicate the surgery. It is extremely important for a patient to thoroughly discuss any health issues, including the use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and/or herbal remedies currently used. Supplying the physician with a detailed medical history will give both patient and surgeon a better understanding of what the specific risk factors may be.

Once a patient has decided to follow through with liposuction surgery, he or she should be presented with all of the available options. These include traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction (a procedure resulting in less blood loss and other complications), as well as various choices for anesthesia. A reputable physician will inform the patient long the surgery will last, how many incisions will be made, probable amount and severity of scarring, and how long the expected recovery time may be.

The surgeon will outline the areas to be treated with a marker. After anesthesia is administered and has taken effect, the doctor will make a small incision in the skin. A hollow steel tube is then inserted, and a vacuum is used to suction out the fatty tissue. Since much fluid is lost through this procedure, it is necessary for the patient to have an IV to replace diminished fluids and to prevent dehydration.

In order to reduce pain and discomfort, the patient will receive either local or general anesthesia. If the surgeon uses the tumescent technique, the fluid used to promote swelling of the fat pockets may be the only method of anesthesia. Intravenous sedation, epidural blockage and general anesthesia are the most common pain-reducing methods. Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, the patient’s blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels will be monitored closely.

Doctors recommend that on the day the procedure is to be performed, the patient have someone drive him or her to the hospital or doctor’s office. Unless performed on an outpatient setting (for smaller liposuction surgeries), any type of surgical procedure will require a hospital stay, so it is also important to pack a bag that contains anything the patient will need during the stay. Even if the procedure is performed in an outpatient setting, the patient will likely be too tired, uncomfortable or groggy from the surgery to drive home alone.

Depending on the amount of fat removed and the physical location of the surgery, the patient may be able to leave within a few hours, although some may require a night or so of hospital stay. Recovery time should be discussed before liposuction so that the patient will have a realistic timeframe of when he or she can return to work or other normal activities.

Natural Results From Your Facial Plastic Surgery

Natural Results From Your Facial Plastic SurgeryOur appearance plays an important role in our daily lives. The way we look has a dramatic effect on the way we act and perceive the way people are viewing us. That’s why choosing to have facial plastic surgery can be one of the most influential decisions a person will ever make.

A facial plastic surgeon is typically a board certified surgeon who specializes in addressing surgery of the head and neck. These surgeons perform the majority of these elective facial plastic surgery procedures, and perform a wide variety of procedures. These procedures include:

* Blepharoplasty, or surgery of the eyelids. This procedure can correct droopy eyelids that can make you look older and impair your vision.

* Facial scar revision. Facial scarring is caused by a wide variety of sources, including accidents, surgery, a burn or acne. Successful facial plastic surgery can reduce the signs of some facial scars.

* Forehead lifts. Often the first signs of aging begin to appear in the brow and forehead area due to the effects of sun, wind and the pull of gravity. This facial plastic surgery procedure will tighten loose skin and remove the excess forehead wrinkling and drooping.

* Mentoplasty, or surgery of the chin. A well-defined chin can have a dramatic effect on one’s profile, and is often combined with Rhinoplasty, or surgery of the nose, to create facial balance.

* Otoplasty, or surgery of the ears. Redefining one’s ears can have a powerful effect on self-consciousness and self esteem. Both children and adults can benefit from this relatively straightforward facial plastic surgery technique.

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* Rhinoplasty, or surgery of the nose. One of the most common requests for facial plastic surgery starts with a request for the nose. Whether it’s being unhappy with the nost they were born with, aging or injury, nothing will have a greater impact on your overall appearance.

* Rhytidectomy, or surgery of the face. Aging is inevitable. As the years go by, the effects of aging begin to appear on the face and neck, including crow’s feet near the corner of the eyes, forehead lines, and folds around the chin and front neck area. Both heredity and personal habits such as sun exposure have a huge impact. Having Rhytidectomy, or a face lift, can improve not only your looks, but also your self-confidence.

* Wrinkle treatment, or botox injections. The gradual development of facial wrinkles, whether fine lines on the surface or deeper creases and folds, can be reduced by clear-cut procedures.

While results from just one facial plastic surgery procedure can have a dramatic effect on not only the way you look at yourself, but also the way you live your life, the best place to start is with more information. Visit with the staff at a reputable facial plastic surgery center and find out which procedures are right for you.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Laser Hair Removal

Things to Keep in Mind Before Laser Hair RemovalMany men and women turn to laser hair removal as a way to rid their bodies of excess hair growth. Constant waxing, shaving, and tweezing can become tiresome, especially for those who have significant and stubborn growth. Having this procedure performed has many advantages, but it is not a decision to be made lightly. The following should be kept in mind before making an appointment.

You Must Be a Good Candidate

With the advances in this treatment, more and more people are able to have laser hair removal. In the past, only those with lighter skin and dark hair saw the most success with the procedure. This is because the light used picks up the contrast in color to remove the follicles. Today, clinics use advanced systems that can more easily target lighter follicles, but it can take much longer to achieve the desired results. Keep in mind that many more sessions may be needed.

Choose a Qualified Technician

Having any type of laser treatment is a serious procedure, even if it is for cosmetic purposes. It is more than a simple spa treatment. It is a major ordeal that entails multiple appointments to get the final point of complete removal. Be sure to do a background check to ensure the technician is properly certified and trained.

Do Not Wax Prior to the First Visit

Before the first treatment, be sure to avoid any form of follicle removal. This includes waxing along with tweezing or epilating. Shaving is approved, possibly required by some technicians just before the procedure. Some clinics will ask that shaving be avoided as well so that the light can see the strands in order to remove them. Ask the clinic before doing any form of removal.

Do Not Tan

Since the color of the skin has a major impact on how well the laser hair removal works, be sure to avoid any tanning before the first appointment. The more contrasted the colors, the more effective the laser can work. Avoiding the sun will also reduce the sensitivity of the skin after the procedure.

Do Not Expect Instant Results

Laser hair removal is a long process. Instant removal after the first treatment should not be expected like when shaving or waxing; it will gradually fall out in the weeks after each appointment. Most people need at least ten appointments to have it completely gone. The type of skin and hair will have a large effect on how long the process will take. The appointments also have to be spread out from four to eight weeks for safety purposes. Too much laser exposure too quickly can be damaging to the skin.

Having laser hair removal can be a great option, but it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Remember these considerations before making the choice to move forward with the process.

Perfect Anti Dandruff Solutions

Perfect Anti-Dandruff Solutions To Leave Your Scalp Dandruff-FreeDandruff is a common problem for many years now. Factors like over exposure to pollution, dry scalp and stress make you more vulnerable to dandruff issues. Besides truly upsetting you, dandruff causes further damage to the overall health of your hair and scalp. Want to get rid of those pesky white flakes?

Here we have brought to you five effective drugstore products that will help reduce that white flakes called dandruff. Upon regular use for several months, you can get dandruff-free hair. Let’s check out them quickly.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Dandruff Shampoo

The deep cleaning formula in Head & Shoulders Classic shampoo helps reduce dryness and itching in scalp, which eventually loosens dandruff flakes and clear them of your scalp. With regular use of the shampoo, you will see healthy scalp and nourished hair with no presence of white flakes.

Apply the shampoo for minimum two times in a week for visible results. It is pH balanced and its advanced formula makes it gentle on your hair as well as scalp. You can pair it with Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Hair conditioner for best results.

Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo

Selenium Sulfide Lotion and other ingredients in the shampoo help treat severe dandruff and irritation in scalp skin. The shampoo has a considerable amount of menthol to give your scalp a cooling sensation. It is formulated to make your hair dandruff-free. It also gives you healthy and shimmering hair. Use 2-3 times a week for good results.

Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo

It is Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Psoriasis and Anti-Seborrheic Dermatitis solution highly recommended by dermatologists. It is so effective that you will see a sign of improvement in the first application. For best result, take a moderate quantity of shampoo and massage into your hair gently. Let the foam stay on the scalp for a few minutes before you wash your hair with water. After rinsing your hair, apply Neutrogena T/Gel Treatment Conditioner on wet hair to control flaky scalp and leave you soft hair.

Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo

It’s not just any dandruff-cleansing shampoo. It is formulated by combining anti-dandruff ingredients with active naturals nourishing oat complex. Meaning, it nourishes the driest of a scalp and adds moisture to your hair while cleaning white flakes. Highly recommended by hair doctors for many decades, this moisturizing shampoo by Aveeno help restores softness, shine and strength to your hair. It treats damaged hair in just 3 applications. It can be used for colored hair as well. It makes a perfect anti-dandruff shampoo for an everyday wash.

Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Dry Scalp Care

If you need a gentle formula to treat the itchy scalp, Pert Plus shampoo and conditioner makes a right choice. The extra conditioning effect in the shampoo keeps your hair tangle-free post shampooing. And with regular use, it helps kick out those unwanted white flakes out of your head.